Diane Prebula
About Diane Prebula
It began for me in a Connecticut working class neighborhood. I lived in a two family home with my grandparents on one floor and my parents on another. An only child, I moved freely throughout the house, neighborhood, and community as I progressed through my grade school years. I spent my free time skating, sledding, swimming, playing baseball, and exploring - I loved the old wooded neighborhood and I enjoyed engaging in creative endeavors with friends; we produced and danced musicals created a restaurant (Cool Kats Dive), and opened a school for the neighborhood kids in our basements. I ran with a diverse group of kids and I loved life.

Leaving friends,extended family, rich changing seasons, factories and sometimes frigid winters behind, my parents moved us to the valley of the sun in Arizona. I tumbled my way into the gymnastics team and dance classes during my teen years. Since I found my place at a nearby boarding stable, I began my best childhood adventure with horses. When I was still twelve, my parents bought me my first horse and I began to explore the fields and groves, the canal roads, the desert, foothills and river. Life, again, was good.

In 1968, I graduated from a large high school in Mesa Arizona. I left behind rich memories of dancing in musicals and dance concerts, during football and basketball games, and during participation in gymnastics events. The challenge of choreography particularly interested me.

On to Arizona State ( back then it was always called A.S.U.) where I followed the education road that my dad and aunt were traveling as teachers, and that my uncle followed into administration as superintendant.

Although I graduated and went on to teach in a variety of situations, I explored other avenues of learning during my college years. During my college years ,the campus was sparking with the electricity of the counter culture that had evolved from the Ken Kesey and Gary Snyder beat movement, into the message and music of the Beatles and the Stones etc, etc, continuing through Haight- Ashbury, the psychedelic Timothy Leary, and more.

This path opened out into a spiritual world that cradled me, shook me, spun me around and threw me down hard— I found myself at the feet of Christ.

This spiritual journey began with Herman Hesse, Alan Watts, Abraham Maslow, and more, continued through Transcendental Meditation, Self Realization Fellowship, and Zen Buddhism. During this time I was smoking pot regularly, peppering that with the occasional peyote or mescaline trip— my drugs of choice.

During this almost ten year adventure I enjoyed dancing with a small modern dance company in Tempe, near the campus. I also connected with two writers in residence whose classes I attended at Arizona State.

I participated in poetry readings on campus, in the art centers, and on the radio. I graduated with a degree in English and Psychology.

I briefly married and divorced, taught High School and Junior High, modeled in an artist commune near Sedona for a famous sculptor, and did a score of odd jobs in order to survive during my dark years of depression from the age of 23 through age 27. I traveled the Northwest, ran and ran again, but I couldn't escape the darkness within.

During those bleak years, I dove into the occult—studying astrology charts, reading tarot cards, attending séances, channeling demons that posed as ascended masters (and finally exposed themselves blatantly).

After a long string of men, never committing to anyone, never sticking around for long, I married a man I met while living and teaching near the Mexican border. It was a jerky start of a marriage, but we smoothed it out some, moved from the Tempe area north to Flagstaff and started a family. 

When my first son was ten months old I got hold of a Gideon’s Bible from the campus at NAU and committed my life to Christ.

In the center of a bad postpartum depression, when my second son was about 18 months old, a counselor from the church I was attending strongly encouraged me to do something for myself. I took his advice and decided to continue my studies in dance. I attended Northern Arizona University which was a 20 minute jog down route 66 where we lived in the forest (in a trailer). My husband was employed with the university so it cost us virtually nothing for me to attend.

I studied dance at NAU for three years with an emphasis in choreography. I worked with dancers from the Erik Hawkins’s Dance Company who taught, choreographed, and mentored during my time at NAU. The nearby wonder of the Grand Canyon, the beauty of Sedona and the convenience of Flagstaff drew the famous dance companies, including the Martha Graham Company.

From here, we moved back to Tempe out of necessity. I fell into a deep depression, experienced severe marital gauges, and fell again onto the feet of my Lord. He delivered me and my daughter was born a year later. Two years after that we moved to Boise, Idaho (Tempe had lost its charm and the whole area congested and grew into a Leviathan).

In Boise (where I still live more than 20 years later) my family developed roots. While my husband and I raised our children, I grew in my relationship with the Lord, home schooled my daughter until her high school years, taught in the churches, traveled with my daughter and friends, a bit, teaching praise and worship dance in conferences throughout the northwest.

During these twenty years, I continued to write poetry for myself. Last year I sensed a strong prompting from the Lord to put together a book of poems from the last three years' writings.

Since I've been employed at City Light Home for Women and Children with Boise Rescue Mission Ministries ( I started by teaching dance classes in 2004) as a program counselor and manager, my first book of poems Fall and Recovery, reflects my years of ministry pointing the way to discipleship and (primarily drug and alcohol) recovery.

Although Fall and Recovery touches on that ministry, it primarily reflects my personal journey as I navigate—body, soul, and spirit—through the beauty of God’s creation, particularly the natural world.