Diane Prebula
Fall and REcoveryFall and Recovery is a reflection of a spiritual journey. In these poems Diane Prebula navigates the mind, emotions, and will - the soul - as well as the creation in nature that surrounds us with beauty. Turning to God she finds relief, recovery, and a deeper love for Him and His creation.

"Diane has put into words some of the deepest feelings we have all shared in. Her description of our soul as it struggles with light and darkness, hope and sorrow, and strength and weakness makes us not feel alone. The pictures her words have crafted enable us to experience again the unequaled joy we find in God and His creation."
Pastor Bob Caldwell
Senior Pastor, Calvary Chapel Boise

"For those looking to find the way toward a richer spiritual life, this book is a welcome guide. Diane Prebula's writings point an extraordinary path toward a faith that is deep and sustaining... that is magnificent in its sensitivity to nature, life and living."
William Papallo

"These are magnificently shaped poems with an impressive lightness of spirituality. Reading them is to sense a looming presence of true feelings of everday life, depicting the beauty through nature. This is a vivid and extraordinary book that reflects a relationship between God and our lives."
Zhanna Hansen

"Whether she's describing the ocean breeze, the freshly fallen snow, or the pain we experience in a fallen world, Diane Prebula observes with great compassion and turns her prayer into poetry. She offers genuine insight into the natural world and into the hearts of the women she serves."
Sarah Price

"Working with addicts in a unique recovery program is wonderfully reflected in Diane Prebula's book Fall and Recovery. Her work spans the emotions of frustration, heartbreak, hopefulness and success. Throughout the book, lines struck me as profoundly accurate - such as the line in Selah "I want to try again - to get it right" captures the struggle of the advisor and the addict as we all try to succeed together. The heartbreak of losing a resident is captured in Outrunning the Weather. And throughout this beautiful book Ms. Prebula takes breaks to reflect on the journey. This is an excellent book for those of us who work in addiction recovery, for the addict and the family of addicts."
Jean Lockhart
Director of Women and Children's Ministries
Boise Rescue Mission

"For me, poetry is honest rendering of my journey as a sprirtual being as I relate to my creator and the world in which I move. My poetry reflects my love of the outdoors."
Diane Prebula